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2017 Combine Cup Information


Official Information, Rules and Regulations Form

With an exciting new year ahead the Oxnard Guerreros have announced the first ever OGFC combine cup. The cup will be held in November, between the week of the 13th to the 17th to male players over the age of 18, all games will be held at Oxnard College Park at 6 p.m. New Head Coach Ross Greaney and Team Scouts will be in attendance as OGFC prepares for the 2018 season. The 2017 Combine Cup guarantees each team a minimum of three games and a maximum of five, with the winner receiving a cash prize, as well as free registration for next year’s cup. Each team is required to pay $375 to cover All Tournament Fees and Teams can register by calling 805-844-6123.


Date: November 13-17

Ages: Men ages 18 or older

Format: 11 vs 11 Teams, 35 Minute Halves

Location: Oxnard College Park. 3250 ROSE AVE. OXNARD, CA 93033

Schedules will be given out in advance after registration. Spaces Limited.

Tournament Structure

Nightly Timeline

7:25pm: Teams Check in

7:35pm – 8:50pm: Game(s) Underway

8:50pm: Results received, Schedule updated on Social Media

Group Stage

The OGFC 2017 Combine Cup is an 11-vs-11 8-Team Tournament composed of 2 groups of 4 teams. The first and second place of each group moves on to the Semi-Finals.

4 Games are played nightly on 4 fields during group play, Monday through Wednesday. Each Team will play 1 Game per night. Games begin promptly at 7:35.

After 3 Group Matches, In the event that 2 teams are tied for first or second place in their group, the first tie-breaker will be goal difference. If goal difference should be the same then we look at how those teams did head to head. If all is equal still then a Penalty Kick sudden death shootout will determine the placement of the group.

Every Team is guaranteed to play 3 games and possibly up to 5 when qualifying for Finals.

This is a combine Tournament, Head Coach Ross Greaney and other OGFC scouts will be looking for players who can potentially perform at the professional level.

Playoff Semi-Finals

Playoffs are Thursday November 16, composed of first and second place teams from each group competing for the Finals. The winner of Group 1 will face the 2nd place runner up from Group 2. The winner of Group 2 will face the 2nd place runner up from Group 1. Both Playoff matches begin promptly at 7:35pm with the winner advancing to Finals. After two halves if Teams are tied there will be a Penalty Shootout.


The OGFC Combine Cup Final is scheduled Friday November 17 at 7:35pm. After two halves if Teams are tied there will be a Penalty Shootout.

Prizes: Champion will win $$$, prizes, and free registration to the 2018 Combine Cup.

Game Structure

35min halves, with a 5min Half-time break.

3 Referees will officiate every game.

3 Substitutions will be allowed per game.

Every game will be played with Guerrero provided soccer balls.

Games will begin immediately at 7:35pm, regardless of Team attendance.

*There will be 10 minutes to clear the field before College Park lights turn off for the night. Please be courteous and leave the benches clean after your game so others don’t need to pick up after you in the dark.*

The clock starts and never stops except for the Half-time and Final time whistle. There will be no stoppage time added and the clock will continue running even if the ball is not.

Price: Registration for the tournament is $375 per team, this includes all fees to participate in the OGFC 2017 Combine Cup (Including Referees). Payment is made via Cash or Check written out to Oxnard Guerreros FC. Fees must be sent or dropped off to address, 110 S A. Suite E Oxnard, CA 93030. Oxnard Guerreros Staff will confirm and contact with each Team after receiving Payment. For Further Questions or to Register Your Team contact us at 805-844-6123 or email info@oxnardguerrerosfc.com.

Prizes: Champion will win $$$, prizes, and free registration to the 2018 Combine Cup.

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