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OGFC 2018 Combine Cup Information

OGFC 2018 Combine Cup

Official Information, Rules and Regulations Form

With an exciting new Fall UPSL Season ahead the Oxnard Guerreros have announced the 2nd Annual OGFC combine cup. The cup will be held August 13 and 14 to male players over the age of 18. All games will be held at Oxnard College Park at 7p.m. Oxnard Guerreros Head Coach Juan Florez (NPSL) along with Major League Soccer (MLS) and United Soccer League (USL) Scouts will be in attendance as multiple Teams look for local talent to play at a higher level. The 2018 Combine Cup guarantees each team a minimum of three games and a maximum of five, with the winner receiving a cash prize, as well as free registration for next year’s cup. Each team is required to pay $375 to cover Referee and All Tournament Fees.

******  8/13/18 UPDATE  ******

The 2018 Combine Cup schedule has been shortened due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please view below for the updated schedule and format.

General Information

Dates: August 13, 14,

Ages: Men ages 18 or older

Location: Oxnard College Park. 3250 ROSE AVE. OXNARD, CA 93033

Tournament Structure

The 2018 Combine Cup will consist of a 3 game group stage, followed by a Cup Final and 3rd place match. 

Monday: Group Stage


FC Strongers vs Oxnard AC

OGFC vs Free Agents



Oxnard AC vs OGFC

Free Agents vs FC Strongers

Tuesday: Group Stage, Cup Final and 3rd/4th Place 


OGFC vs FC Strongers

Oxnard AC vs Free Agents



Cup Final – 1st seed vs 2nd seed

3rd/4th Place – 3rd seed vs 4th seed


Nightly Timeline

6:30pm.- Team arrivals.

6:35pm- Scout presentations/ introductions.

6:45pm.- Team Check-ins for 7pm matches.

7pm.- 7 o’clock matches Kick-off.

7:45pm.- Teams check in for 8pm matches.

7:55pm.-  7 o’clock matches end and clear field.

8pm.- 8 o’clock matches kick-off. On Tuesday, prize will be given to victor following proceedings 

Group Stage

Group Matches will be played on Monday, August 13th from 7:00-9:00pm and Tuesday, August 14th from 7:00-8:00pm. Each team will compete in Two games Monday and One Tuesday, with the top teams of each group moving onto the Cup Final. A 3rd place match between the bottom two teams will take place for further showcasing in front of Scouts.

After 3 Group Matches, In the event that 2 teams are tied for first place in their group, the first tie-breaker will be goal difference. If goal difference should be the same then a Penalty Kick sudden death shootout will determine the team that advances.

This is a combine Tournament and there will be OGFC, MLS and USL scouts looking for players who can potentially perform at a higher level.

The Final

Cup Final is scheduled for Tuesday August 14. After two halves if teams are tied there will be a Penalty Shootout.

3rd Place

A 3rd place match between the bottom two teams will take place for further showcasing in front of Scouts.


Teams are composed of a Maximum 13 Player Rosters

Teams compete in 7v7 games that are played in two, 25 min Halves and a 5 min Half-time break. Matches will take place on half of a regulation sized soccer field.

13 Player Rosters are locked in at Check-in Monday at 7pm.

Each team must have a representative present at 6:35 for scout presentations.  

Players cannot be added to rosters after the first game.

Players cannot jump from one team to another.

-Tournament Staff will Check in players on each team Roster prior to each game.

3 substitutions per game.

A player who receives a red card will have to sit out for the next game.

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for the losing team.

Game Structure

25min halves, with a 5min Half-time break.

2 referees will officiate every game.

Every game will be played with Guerrero provided soccer balls.

The clock starts and never stops except for the Half-time and Final time whistle. Stoppage time is at the discretion of referees to make up for time wasted by players on the pitch.

*There will be 5 minutes to clear the field for the second round of games to begin. Please be courteous and leave the benches clean after your game and promptly leave the area for the other teams to set up*

*Do not bother or engage in communication with Scouts, they have been given all player information in advance and will communicate directly with parties they have interest in.*

Price: Registration for the tournament is $375 per team, this includes all fees to participate in the OGFC 2018 Combine Cup (Including Referees). Payment is made via Cash or Check written out to Oxnard Guerreros FC. Fees must be sent or dropped off to address, 110 S A. Suite E Oxnard, CA 93030. Oxnard Guerreros Staff will confirm and contact with each Team after receiving Payment. Please Contact info@oxnardguerrerosfc.com or call 805-844-6123 with any additional questions.

Prizes: Champion will win $$$, prizes, and free registration to the 2019 Combine Cup.

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